Concierge Physical Therapy

Individualized solutions to manage or overcome any movement challenges.


  • Progressive care beyond insurance limitations
  • Preventive individualized health care
  • “Front of the Line” access to advice and treatment
  • Access to treatment in clinic, virtually, or at the Bainbridge Athletic Club

Movement Enhancement:

  • Promoting natural, efficient human movement.
  • The bridge from Rehabilitation to Achievement.
  • Regardless of age or experience, any person with goals and a desire to move is an athlete.
  • Assessment, collaboration, and planning to address the following:
  • Sport-specific performance training
  • Functional movement analysis to assess fundamental movement patterns
  • Targeted exercises for injury prevention and optimal performance
  • Activity tolerance assessment plus progression planning
  • Overhead athlete assessment
  • Return to run specialized services
  • gait analysis and modification training
  • load management and progression planning
  • runner-specific strength and conditioning
  • running program assessment and design

Health and Wellness Counseling:

  • Support for each person to live their best life.
  • Individualized evaluation and consulting focusing on health behaviors in 5 key domains (In affiliation with Pro-Activity):
  • Move – Movement assessment and capacity testing
  • Fuel – Nutrition monitoring and enhancement.
  • Recover – Sleep tracking and troubleshooting.
  • Endure – Stress Management and Coping Skill suggestions.
  • Connect – Health Lifestyle and Goal development
  • Full assessment of baseline health metrics, biometrics, cardiorespiratory fitness and capacity, and movement quality.
  • Customized monitoring, education, and support at the individual’s preference.

Chronic Condition Management:

  • Individualized care for management and maintenance of chronic conditions.
  • Allows for long-term care outside of insurance coverage.
  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Holistic care utilizing a biopsychosocial approach and Pain Neuroscience Education to help an individual understand and manage chronic pain and it’s effects in all domains of life.
  • Metabolic Condition Management
  • Program design and individualized support for physical activity when managing a metabolic syndrome.
  • Senior Strengthening and Osteoarthritis Management
  • Program design and individualized support for seniors to remain strong, independent, and vibrant.

At Kitsap Physical Therapy, we have therapists who are certified in evidence-based protocols. For more information, contact:

Craig J Buning PT, DPT, TPS, FAFS

Bainbridge Island (206) 842-6288
[email protected]

Movement Optimist with a passion for helping people overcome and avoid obstacles in pursuit of their goals

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