New Physical Therapists at Kitsap Physical Therapy in Silverdale, WA

Jarel Bakke PT, DPT, GC a doctor of physical therapy is working with patients at the Silverdale location. He specializes in neurological care, geriatrics, fall prevention and pediatrics. He has a twelve-year history of working both inpatient (hospital) and outpatient care. Physical therapy becomes essential in a wide variety of neurological and movement disorders to help restore mobility and improve quality of life. For more information, contact Kitsap Physical Therapy & Sports Clinics at (360) 613-1834.

Physical therapy becomes essential in a wide variety of neurological conditions. People who have the effects a stroke, spinal cord injury, MS, Parkinson’s Disease, traumatic brain injury, and vestibular problems can find their mobility and quality of life severely impaired.

There are many conditions that affect many people as they grow older and include but are not limited to the following: arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, hip, and joint replacement, balance disorders, incontinence, etc. Geriatric physical therapists specialize in providing therapy for such conditions in older adults. The overall goal is to help older adults to remain active and independent for life.

Pediatric therapists work to strengthen and promote a child’s independence and integration at home, in school and in the broader community. Pediatric therapists have an impressive array of techniques to treat musculoskeletal problems and improve the mobility of children facing numerous health conditions such as developmental delay, sensory integration dysfunction, sensory processing disorders, toe walking, autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, learning disabilities and more.

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