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Our Fitness Programs Are Developed By Physical Therapists With Extensive Training

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Starting a fitness program may be one of the best things you can do for your health. Physical activity can help you feel more energetic, have less pain, reduce your risk of chronic disease, improve your balance and coordination, and improve your sleep habits. Kitsap Physical Therapy can help you get started. One of our licensed physical therapists provides you a thorough fitness evaluation and develops an exercise program according to your goals, limitations of strength, flexibility, agility, and cardiovascular system. Our fitness programs are developed and integrated by physical therapists that have extensive training in all the components of a balanced fitness program.

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Clients share their experience

The therapists who are working with me are àbsoultley fabulous! They helped me with the right exercise needed, on the very first visit. I started feeling better within a day. They are truly committed in working with you so you are pain free. I trust them explicitly.
Jo Davies
I would recommend Kitsap Physical Therapy services to anyone. Everyone I encountered here was pleasant, professional and polite. It should also be noted that they observe Covid-19 rules. You can't go wrong with Kitsap P.T.
Corona Sotelo
Could not be happier with my experience. Covid measures were exceptional. Reception staff was friendly and well informed. Monica gave me a thorough and comprehensive exam with a treatment plan that works and is easy to follow. She was sympathetic to my unique situation and created a follow up program to accommodate my unique needs. Just first rate every step of the way. Recommend without hesitation.
Laura Bassett

Things that happen when work with us

Building strength

Increase your endurance and strength safely.

Reduce pain

Our expert team can help you get fit without pain and discomfort.

Stay Active

Our perfessionals can help you stay active longer.

Improve your Performance

It's more than recovering from soreness. We help correct poor posture, knee pain, lower back pain, and foot pain.

Reach your goals

Have a race time goal? Have a dream vacation coming up? We can help you crush those goals

Fixing the mindset

These activities should be challenging and not painful. We can help you train up to any goal.

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Kitsap Physical Therapy & Sports Clinics

Our main focus as a business is to play a valuable role in helping the people living in our communities to overcome the physical limitations (and sometimes mental) restrictions that interfere with their ability to fully participate in their “activities of daily living”.

Being able to perform work duties without risk of injury or to recover from an injury and return to work are important activities for everyone to be able to do. We have physical therapists that provide valuable programs for both employees and employers. For many people, their sports and recreational activities are an important part of their identity and their ability to enjoy their life. We have programs that can be individualized to meet everyone’s individual situation.

So, too, we understand that everyone’s life presents many physical challenges and sometimes people need some help overcoming at these situations. Even more fundamental, there is increasing research evidence about how important staying physically fit is to our overall health in reducing our risk of other health related problems such as cardiac function, lung function, circulatory problems, diabetes, kidney, and even mental alertness.